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Memorias Anuales
Publicaciones y Autores destacados

Publicaciones de investigadores de la EBD con más de 100 citasCitations
"Vila, C; Savolainen, P; Maldonado, JE; Amorim, IR; Rice, JE ; Honeycutt, RL; Crandall, KA Lundeberg, J; Wayne, RK. 1997. Multiple and ancient origins of the domestic dog Science 276: 1687- 1689"233
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"Herrera, CM; Jordano, P; Lopezsoria, L; Amat JA. 1994. Recruitment of a mast-fruiting, bird-dispersed tree - bridging frugivore activity and seedling establishment Ecological Monographs 64: 315- 344"208
"Smits, JE; Bortolotti, GR; Tella, JL. 1999. Simplifying the phytohaemagglutinin skin-testing technique in studies of avian immunocompetence Functional Ecology 13: 567- 572"198
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Herrera, CM. 1985. Determinants of plant-animal coevolution - the case of mutualistic dispersal of seeds by vertebrates Oikos 44: 132- 141152
Herrera, CM. 1996. Floral traits and plant adaptation to insect pollinators: a devil's advocate approach Pp 65-87 in D. G. Lloyd and S. C. H. Barrett (Eds). Floral Biology. Chapman and Hall, New York.143

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