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The LEM is a centralized unit of the DBS and for the use of its research scientists whose chief mission is to facilitate, coordinate, and ultimately make possible the execution of research projects that involve the use of molecular genetics technology. 


The LEM contributes to the realization of such research projects with all the necessary infrastructure which include well equipped laboratories, technical support, services of sequencing and genotyping of DNA fragments, and sex determination of birds though sex chromosome markers and in exceptional circumstances technical labor for specific projects. Through these facilities, the scientists of the DBS can execute all the genetic analyses of their projects without the need to seek.












These services and facilities have made it possible that numerous scientists have accomplished a large number of research projects since its creation in 1998, and have contributed to increase the number of projects that can be performed at the EBD for the simple reason that the may include molecular analyses when required. Finally, there is a third service that represents a further development for our 2010-2013 strategic plan that involves the use of two robots for the automated extraction of DNA samples and the preparation of PCR fragments for sequencing and genotyping of DNA fragments. These two tasks are both labor intensive and time consuming and thus the implementation of this new automated facility will not only allow researches to devote more time to other academic duties, but also will reduce the margin of error derived from the manual manipulation of a large number of samples










 More Information: link to LEM website

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