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 Laboratory of Ecophysiology | LEF-EBD

The laboratory is currently under formation and aims to support researchers interested in studying physiological parameters of their different study organisms ranging from amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.
The aim of the laboratory is to provide support to an important number of Ecophysiological studies mainly from the Evolutionary Ecology, Wetlands Ecology and Conservation Biology departments.

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We expect to implement a series of standard protocols to provide service to researchers and technical support for projects with high workloads that could not be assumed by the laboratory staff. Current infrastructure includes basic equipment for ELISA (currently used for the detection of Influenza and West Nile virus antibodies in birds and the measurement of Heat Shock Proteins) and the performance of in vitro measurement of humoral response in birds.

The laboratory is expected to expand once we are in the new building and incorporate the equipment necessary for measurement of hormones, haematology, protein characterization and blood biochemical param  LEF Web Access eters.

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