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 Laboratory of Acuatic Ecology | LEQ-EBD

    Doñana is especially well known for its marshes and, throughout the history of the biological station, many studies have been carried out in this habitat. The emphasis over most of the past 40 years has been on vertebrate communities, especially on the monitoring of waterbirds. Paradoxically, the Doñana Biological Station lacked a laboratory suitable for the study of aquatic ecology until the foundation of the LEA in 2003.


This laboratory provides the necessary equipment for a wide diversity of studies within the fields of limnology and aquatic ecology. It contains microscopes, chambers with controlled light and temperature regimes, balances, ovens, hand held meters for studying water chemistry, and other equipment necessary for research into aquatic ecosystems.











The main research lines that are being developed in the LEA include the study of macroinvertebrates, zooplankton, aquatic plants, amphibians, terrapins, waterbirds and limnology. Research is also carried out into the diet of waterbirds as well as their functional role in aquatic ecosystems, especially their role as dispersers of seeds and invertebrates. Most of the studies are carried out in the marshes and lagoons of Doñana, but also in other andalusian wetlands such as the Odiel Marshes and the endorreic lagoons of Cadiz province. The LEA is also vital to the monitoring programme for Doñana carried out by the monitoring team of the Doñana Biological Reserve. It is also available to help visiting scientists working in Doñana.


Scientist in charge: Andy J. Green

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