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It also gives access and logistic support to the Spanish and international scientifc community in their reasearch activities within Doñana Natural Space. The DBR contains a total of 31 buildings, including the Palace of Doñana , laboratories and service facilities, providing logistic and technical support to Research projects within the conditions of the Park and the restrictions on its use, accommodation for authorised scientists, free of charge, including meals, laundry service etc.


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Doñana Biological Reserve (Almonte, Huelva) is situated 89 kms away from the head office. It is located within the Doñana National Park and consists of two estates. The Doñana Biological Reserve itself covers 6,794 hectares, which are owned and managed by the CSIC. The Guadiamar Biological Reserve, with 3,214 hectares, belongs to WWF/ADENA, though its scientific and administrative affairs are managed by CSIC. The Doñana Biological Station therefore oversees an area of 10,008 hectares in Doñana National Park. By law, the legally appointed director of Doñana Biological Station coordinates all research projects undertaken in the Doñana National Park (52,000 hectares) and the entire protected area (National and Natural Parks, 104.970 hectares in total). Doñana Biological Reserve forms the core of Doñana National Park and the wider Doñana Natural Space.

Declared a World Heritage Site in 1994, Doñana is one of the most important natural areas in the world. The Biological Reserve was created in 1964 thanks to José Antonio Valverde, the support of the CSIC and funding from the World Wildlife Fund, to provide a true refuge for threatened species and a place for European birds to overwinter.  In 1994 it was included in the EU Large Scale Facilities.

Research at the Doñana Biological Reserve (DBR-ICTS)
In 2006 it was recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science as a Singular Scientific and Technological Infrastructure (ICTS). DBR-ICTS offers up-to-date communication infrastructures and scientific equipment, including automated monitoring of natural processes and long-term monitoring of key and endangered species in Doñana area.


 Doñana Biological Reserve -ICTS

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