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About 25% of our researchers are between the most cited worldwide in their research areas. First of all Carlos M. Herrera is a Highly Cited Researcher in the category of Ecology/Environment (included in the 250 most cited researchers of the nearly 30-year period 1981-2007). Considering citations of the last 10 years, Jose Luis Tella and Fabrizio Sergio are in the percentil 1 of the most cited researchers in the Plant and Animal Science category and Jordi Bascompte, José Antonio Donázar, Miguel Ferrer, Jordi Figuerola, José Antonio Godoy, Andy Green, Arndt Hampe, Pedro Jordano, Francisco Palomares, Eloy Revilla, José Luis Tella, Carles Vilà and Montserrat Vilà in the percentil 1 of the Ecology/Environment category.

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