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 Direction and Administration

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The management of the Biological Station is performed by a general director who is assisted by a general deputy director, an technical assistant director, an deputy director in charge of the scientific collection of vertebrates and a deputy director in charge of the Doñana Biological Reserve. An executive manager is in charge of economic and administrative issues. Main decisions are discussed with the heads of the departments.

 Heads of Departaments
 Heads of Departaments
Director: Juan José Negro Balmaseda
Deputy Director: Montserrat Vilà Planella
Deputy Director of the Scientific Collections: Carlos Ibáñez 
Technical Deputy Director: Guyonne Janss
Executive Director: José Carlos Soler
 Management Structure

 Heads of Departaments

 Former Directors of the Doñana Biological Station

Ethology and Biodiversity Conservation: Xim Cerdà
Conservation Biology: Eloy Revilla 
Evolutionary Ecology: José Luis Garrido 
Integrative Ecology: Xavier Picó  
Wetland Ecology: Javier Bustamante  

1964 - 1975 José Antonio Valverde (founder)
1975 - 1988 Javier Castroviejo
1988 - 1996 Miguel Delibes
1996 - 2000 Miguel Ferrer 
2000 - 2012 Fernando Hiraldo
Since 2012   Juan José Negro Balmaseda

    Estación Biólogica de Doñana - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - Apdo 1056 E - 41013 Sevilla
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