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  Researcher: Saarenmaa, Hannu Num-Year: 16/2017
Title: Extension of the moth survey in the Doñana Special Reserve



Financing Organization H2020 (ECOPOTENTIAL) y fondos propios universidades  



Summary: The comprehensive survey of the night-flying moth fauna (Insecta, Lepidoptera) of the Doñana National Park will be continued. The work entails operating light and bait traps throughout the seasons in years 2017-2018 in several locations in the Doñana National Park. A fixed trapping location will be operating at the main entrance gate. Transient night trapping activities using lights from a portable generator, solar panels, and bait traps will be deployed across the Doñana National Park in selected habitats. Special focus will be on dunes which were not yet efficiently sampled in 2016. In order to eliminate bush fire hazard, generator will only be used in the dunes in places which are free of vegetation at a range of at least 20 m from the generator, and only during the winter months November through March. About 5 light and 5 bait traps will be operated continuously. All Lepidoptera specimens from the traps will be identified and entered in databases. Specimens necessary for verifying the identifications will be retained for public collections. In 2017-2018, we expect to identify about 10,000 individuals, representing about 1,000 species. We will only collect maximum 5 individuals from any one location and a maximum of 20 individuals. Also netting and photographing of live individuals will be employed. This will produce a complete inventory of moth fauna in the Doñana National Park. Also diurnal butterfly and moth observations will be made on the side. The work is funded by the ECOPOTENTIAL project as demonstration of field and data recording protocols.  
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