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  Researcher: Veraart, Annelies Num-Year: 12/2016
Title: Effects of nitrogen to phosphorus stoichiometry on methane oxidation from wetlands

Duration: 07/04/2016 - 16/04/2016


Financing Organization Funding of Wageningen University (ERC-grant)  



Summary: Wetlands are important sources and sinks of the greenhouse gas methane, which has a 25 times stronger global warming potential than carbon dioxide. In these ecosystems, methane can be oxidized to carbon dioxide by methane oxidizing bacteria (MOB). The MOB thus influence how much methane ends up in the environment. However, the factors that regulate how much methane these organisms oxidize are largely unknown. My postdoctoral research is an investigation of how different MOB react to changes in environmental conditions. Using controlled laboratory experiments and modeling, I examine specific characteristics (traits) shared among MOB genera, to better understand their functioning. Complementing these data with field observations of methane emission and field sampling of MOB community composition will greatly increase the relevance of my results in addressing global greenhouse gas emissions. Aim. The purpose of my fieldwork in Doñana National Park is to measure methane emissions along a n environmental N:P gradient, and link this to in situ MOB community composition. Linking community composition to functioning will increase our ability to predict how environmental change affects methane consumption. Moreover, it will contribute to optimizing our overall understanding of methane emission to the atmosphere.  
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