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The Library of the Doñana Biological Station (EBD) is a research library, specializing in the Biology of Vertebrates (zoology, ecology, ethology, evolution, systematics, physiology, conservation). It also includes areas related to the environment and nature conservation. It is one of more than 78 libraries which make up the CSIC library network.


The Doñana Biological Station Library collection includes 9,800 monographs and more than 890 serial titles (scientific journals), of which some 240 are live collections. These can be consulted in the CSIC library network catalogues - CIRBIC.


The library is open  Monday to Friday  8.30 to 14.30


Anyone interested in consulting the collections can use the library and its reading room and reprographic services. Documents can only be taken out on loan by CSIC staff (researchers, interns, professional and administrative staff).


Should you wish to make any complaints or suggestions can be made through this link:

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