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  The scientific service of the Estación Biológica de Doñana was created officially in 2007. Nevertheless this institute has dedicated an important effort to scientific dissemination and outreach already during many years before. As a result we can highlight the expositions held in over 50 places of Spain and Portugal and the nearly uncountable number of popular conferences and publications. Most of the expositions have been dedicated to items emerged from the Doñana Natural Area. Some examples are “Doñana diversity and Science (Doñana, diversidad y ciencia)”, “Doñana from a cloud (Doñana desde una nube)”, “Guadiamar, Science, Technique and Restoration (Guadiamar, ciencia, técnica y restauración)” and “Fractal Harmony in Doñana and the Andalusian Marshes”. The ultimate aim of this young service is to guarantee the information flow from science to society, taken into account that the CSIC offers an important cultural heritage and increasing scientific potential gathered during its long existence. Make culture from science and science from culture

- Dissemination of science through expositions, publications, conferences and other type of events
- Manage the image bank of the EBD/CSIC (requests: foto©
- Collaborate with other institutions of the CSIC in outreach activities

Head of the Service: Hector Garrido


Yolanda Díaz
José Antonio Sencianes
Erika López
Iván Alonso
Vanesa Morillas

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